About us


Schiffsmodell-shop.de is was directed by an experienced model maker for model ships assisted by his wife specialised in informatic. Unfortunately Mr. Schindler died in October 2012 and since this time his wife is leading this shop.

We are the exclusive distributor for the manufacturer of model ships Gia Nhien in Vietnam. We buy the model ships directly and personally in Vietnam in the manufacturer's showroom. They are produced and finished in Vietnam and shipped direct to Germany.

The model ships are so well packed as possible to ensure a safe transport in a wooden case and a strong cardboard box. Other models are safe packed in a styropor shell. There is a quality control before leaving Vietnam and another quality control in Germany before the shipment to our customer.

We offer a large assortment of model ships, which we have on stock in Germany and which we ship after reception of payment.

Of course you have the possibility to look for your favorite model ship directly on the homepage of our supplier www.gianhien.com and then ask us for the price and the delivery term.

All model ships are made in wood with planks on frame construction in natural wood finition or painted according to the original colours. They are hand-made manufactured in Vietnam by skilled model makers. They are fully assembled and ready to display.

The quality and the details accuracy are very high. The company Gia Nhien is constantly developping new models such as the Pirate ship from the movie "Pirate of the Carribean".

Because we do not present our models on fairs or exhibitions and we also don't have any showroom but are selling them only through our internet shop, we keep the model ships in their original packing till they are sold and shipped to our customers.

Such model ships will bring a special atmosphere in your home and your friends will envy you.


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