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Model ship SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, 80 cm, handmade in wood

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Dimensions: approx. 80 cm long, 19 cm large and 78 cm high

Model ship SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS is a 3 masts sailing ship completely handmade in wood with many details. Rigs like original, very fine handwork, very decorative.

This model ship is the reproduction completely assembled of the Frigate oft he British Royal Navy from 1700.

The original ship had 100 guns on bord and has been built by Peter Pett under the direction of his father Phineas.

It is completely mounted and ready to decorate your home.

It has been manufactured very carefully using exotic woods and metal fittings.

The hull is in natural wood to see the planks. Rigs can be tightened with special knots and the sails are sewed in leinen.

The model ship SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS has a hull whole length of approx. 80 cm and is approx. 85 cm high. It is mounted on a solide wooden stand.


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