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Chinese Junk, 70 cm, handmade in exotic dark wood, assembled

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on April 2018, 30th on April 2018, 30th (abroad may vary)
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CHINESE JUNK, 70 cm, handmade in exotic dark wood, already assembled

handmade with natural dark wood with planks and hull with metal decoration

Sails are in leinen, rops can be tightened.

The model ship is fixed on a wooden stand

A junk is a Chinese sailboat design dating from ancient times and still in use today. Junks were developped duting the Han Dynasty (220 BC - 200 AD) and were used as ocean-going vessels as early as the 2nd Century AD. They evolved in the later dynasties and were built and used throughout Asia for extensive ocean voyages. They were found and in lesser numbers are still found throughout South-East Asia and India but primarly in China perhaps today most famously in Hong-Kong.

Whole length approx. 70 cm - Whole height approx. 62 cm -  Whole width approx. 18 cm


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