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Model ship Victor Pleven, ca. 100 cm

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Model ship Victor Pleven, approx. 100 cm, complete made of wood painted, handmade according to the original plans.


Dimension: 100 cm long x 16 cm large x 40 cm high. Scale 1:90

The Victor Pleven was one of the biggest fishing and factory boat in the fishing of codfish in the fishing area of Neufundland near Greenland.

There were 50 Men working for 3 to 5 months on the sea under hard conditions round of the clock by any weather conditions. After each fishing operations 1000 tons of codfish had to be worked out on the boat. The Victor Pleven has been used 20 years long from 1971 up to 1992 and has been used afterwards as historical museum in Lorient (France)

Due to financial problems the Victor Pleven hat to be broken up 2006 in Belgium.

Technical datas: whole length: 90 meters, whole width: 15 meters and speed: 14,5 knots.


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