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Model ship CARPATHIA, 80 cm, handmade in wood

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Model ship CARPATHIA 80 cm complete in wood, handmade, assembled

Whole length approx. 83 cm, width approx. 10 cm, height approx. 31 cm

The RMS CARPATHIA has been launched 1903 and has been the first ship which catch the help signal from the TITANIC. It changed its route and could save 705 passengers. 

Model ship CARPATHIA handmade in wood: reproduction of the RMS CARPATHIA completely assembled and ready to decorate your home.

This model ship is handmade and in exotic wood covered with transparent varnish.

This CARPATHIA model ship is a very decorative model

The lower part of the hull is painted in red and the upper part is black with white portholes.

The deck is planked with hell wood. 

It is mounted on 2 wooden columns on a stand.

A good ideas of gift for all Titanic fans to complete their collection.


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