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Model ship NORGE, 80 cm, handmade in wood

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Model ship NORGE, 80 cm complete in wood, handmade, assembled

Whole length approx. 80 cm, width approx. 11 cm, height approx. 29 cm

The model is scratch built with planks on frame construction method from the drawings. The wood used to build the hull is plantation acacia and the wood on the deck is joined by small pieces of poplar or mahogany wood together like the original boat to increase the value of the model.  You can notice that the model is painted like the color of the original ship.



The Norwegian Royal Yacht Norge is one of the world’s two remaining royal yachts. The other is the Danish Royal Yacht Dannebrog, since the British Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned in 1997.
In 1905 the Norwegian Government formally invited Prince Carl of Denmark to become the king of Norway. The proposal included the promise of a royal yacht, financed by the state and placed at the king’s disposal. However, due to the difficult economic situation in Norway after the dissolution of the union with Sweden, King Haakon (formerly Prince Carl) did not call upon the Government to provide a yacht.

Gift from the people
Not until after WWII did the question of a royal yacht arise again. The Norwegian press appealed to the people to raise the funds necessary to present King Haakon with a yacht on the occasion of his 75th birthday. In July 1947, the British motor yacht Philante was purchased for NOK 1.5 million.

The finished model is fully assembled and ready for display.



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