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Model ship MS DEUTSCHLAND, 87 cm handmade in wood, assembled

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on April 2018, 30th on April 2018, 30th (abroad may vary)
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Model ship MS DEUTSCHLAND, 87 cm, already assembled, no kit


 Hull length approx. 87 cm, width approx. 12 cm, height approx. 32 cm

- high quality model ship already assembled ready for display

- Reproduction of the cruise ship MS DEUTSCHLAND. MS Deutschland is a German-registered cruise ship owned and operated by Peter Deilmann Cruises. She is decorated in the Art Deco style made famous by such classic ocean liners as the SS Ile de France and SS Normandie. The Deutschland was launched in 1998. She carries 513 passengers and 260 crew members. She has a gross tonnage of 22,400 and has seven passenger accessible decks. The German television show Das Traumschiff (The Dream Ship), which is similar to the US-made show The Love Boat, is set aboard the Deutschland

- Hull is made of different kind of wood with plank on frame construction, painted as the real ship

- The model ship is mounted on a solide stand with nameplate

- It is packed in a box for a safety transport